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We are 2 Real Life Bros who play video games together! Come join us for some jokes, and lots of harassing each other!

Remember those days of sitting on the couch and playing games with your best bros? Come experience some of that feeling again with the Game Pro Bros. Proudly Sponsored by Gamesplanet. We receive a small percentage of sales done through any of our referral links through gamesplanet and it costs you nothing extra. Plus, gamesplanet has great discounts and sales all the time. Help us out and save yourself some $ by using our affiliate links to buy games: Click here to go to gamesplanet.

The Game Pro Bros

We have magic

And by Magic I mean the only Magic we know is the power of Let's Play!


Foul Language

Let's Play videos

Our Lets' Play Services include Sarcasm, Humour, Foul Language, and more Sarcasm.. Yes I know Sarcasm is listed twice.

What Is A YouTube Let's Play Video?

Let's Plays are popular types of videos on YouTube. YouTube Let's Plays have become so popular with YouTubers and audiences that both gaming brands and creators have begun to tailor their content specifically for this type of YouTube video.

YouTube Let's Play Videos

YouTube Let's Play videos are recordings of a person playing a game while providing voice-over commentary. Compared to other popular YouTube video gaming formats, Let's Plays emphasize the individualized playing experience alongside both gaming and non-gaming commentary.

Let's Play Popularity For Gamers, Fans, & Brands

For YouTube, many top YouTubers, gamers, and gaming enthusiasts create Let's Plays that receive millions of views, thousands of engaged comments, and are shared across other social media platforms.

Popular YouTube Let's Play Channel Examples

More than half of the world's top YouTubers, produce Let's Play-style YouTube gaming videos. SOme great examples of this include but are not limited to The Game Grumps, PeWDiePie, jacksepticeye, and markiplier to name just a few..

Choose The Game Pro Bro's

We offer a unique style of commentary often times going down turns you never see coming. You are guranteed to be entertained!

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Our Latest Let's Play Videos

Best of the Bro's Gameplay

This is the Best of the Bro's Gameplay series is where we highlight all our Best moments, or our worst moments depending on how you look at it. All types of Gameplay can be found here.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The Bros strap on their big boy pants and dig into the latest entry into a favorite franchise, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Join us in the bayou with Pappy, Mammy, Babyteeth, and the rest of the gang.

Single Episodes & Short Series

This is gameplay where we have only played one or two episodes of games depending on what it is. Let's face it we are very immature and get easily distracted. Look Squirrell!!

Free Game Friday Gameplay

Every Friday we find a Free Game and Play it. We then give away a game Free to you the viewer! So if you love Free games and Awesome Gameplay check out this series!

Game Pro Boos

Do you like being Scared? Good us 2! Join us for Thrills, Chills, and More Screeching like Little girls then you ever wanted to hear!! And we are two adult men.. This should you really tell you something!

Dead Space Gameplay

In Space everyone can hear Cash Scream! Join us as we Play one of the Best Sci-Fi Horror Games ever made. There's Action, Advernture, and Face Rape!




Brother Brand


Brother Cash




Vice President

A wise man told us once if you're good at something be good at it.. It Just so happens we are good at being Assholes...

Game Pro Bros

Why Choose Us?


We have mores jokes than one of those 101 joke books. They may not always be good, but alteast they are always entertaining!

Family Friendly

Made you look. The only family friendly thing about us is well probably nothing.. Yeah nothing. Sorry Folks!

Monday - Friday

We post every Monday through Friday at 2PM.. So you are guranteed a new video at this time whether you want it or not ;)

Brotherly Love

Yeah no Brotherly Love here. Just exsesive amounts of harassing, and making fun of each other.

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